Blue Glitter Makeup

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Ice and glitter, glitter and ice – the only two colors that unite in the Blue Glitter Makeup look! From subtle sparkles to full-on glam, this versatile makeup look is perfect for both formal and informal occasions.

Blue Glitter Makeup |

A photo of a girl with blue glitter eyeshadow

This beautiful look features an ice blue or baby blue base on the lid and a deep blue glitter to transition the colors. To top off the look, the blueshades are framed with an eye-catching white eyeliner. The entire look is finished off with silver glitter and hints of shimmer on the crease. It’s a stunning look for a night out and can be toned down for a daytime statement. Pair it with a few coats of black mascara and you’re ready to rock!

Katie Ann Hall: Blue Glitter Cut Crease | Makeup Look

A photo of a girl wearing a dark blue glitter cut crease eyeshadow look

If subtle and romantic isn’t your thing, then try the deep blue glitter cut crease look. A deep blue is used as the crease color and the lid is dusted with a light blue glitter. The entire look is taken to the next level with white wings and can be paired with falsies to complete the eye popping look. When you’re ready to take a break from the glimmer, simply switch out the glitter for a matte shade!

Sparkly Blue Makeup Idea

A photo of a girl wearing full coverage blue sparkly eyeshadow

Take sparkling makeup to a whole new level with this beautiful blue look. A bright blue is used on the lid, followed by baby blue shimmery eyeshadow. The edges are highlighted with a few silver and blue glitter pieces, and the entire look is framed with a thin line of black eyeliner. Complete the look with your favorite mascara and you’ll look like a star.

Whoever said that blue doesn’t sparkle, clearly has never seen how stunning these blue glitter makeup looks are! From subtle blueshades to full-on glitter bombs, these looks are perfect for days or nights out. So remind yourself of your inner sparkle and keep these looks handy for the next time you need a little inspiration.

Blue glitter makeup |
Katie Ann Hall: Blue Glitter Cut Crease | Makeup Look
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