21+ Royal Blue Nail Art Designs, Ideas

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Looking for a way to add a bit of finery to your nails? For a look that is fresh and very hip, why not try a few of the latest royal blue nail designs? This timeless color shows off your pretty nails with a hint of drama and flair.

Stripes to Crescents

An easy way to make your nails look chic and simply stunning is with stripes. White on royal blue creates a look that is elegant and modern. You may want to add a bit of silver or gold sheer glitter polish over the stripes for extra dimension and sparkle. This look is sure to dazzle and make a statement!

beautiful royal blue and white striped nails with added silver and gold glitter

Go Abstract

Loving the royal blue look and feeling rather adventurous? Get creative and go with an abstract design. A white background with a whimsical pattern of royal blue circles is eye-catching and modern. You can also replicate the design on all your nails for a unique look that is all your own.

abstract nail design featuring royal blue circles on a white background

Faux Rhinestones

Rhinestones instantly add some glam to any look, so why not add some to your nails? Paint your nails a deep, glorious blue and add a few small faux rhinestones for a luxurious look. Using this technique, you can also create intricate designs and shapes for added distinction.

royal blue nails with added small faux rhinestones

Royal On The Tips

Ombre designs are a fantastic way to add a modern touch to your nails. You can start off with a pale or light royal blue on the base, and then darken it up with a deep royal blue on the tips. This look can be further enhanced by adding some sparkle for a little pizzazz.

royal blue ombre nails with added sparkles for an extra glam look

Crescents and Dots

Crescent and dot designs are some of the most popular royal blue nail art designs in the industry. The look is eye-catching, and it can be modified to suit any occasion. For a beach vibe, use a bright white or light blue as your base, and then add your royal blues along with some little sparkles.

royal blue nail design featuring crescents and dots with a white or light blue background

Contrasting Prints

For those who want to go all out with a unique look, why not try combining some contrasting prints? A bold leopard print combined with a crisp gingham design is a fun look that is sure to draw attention. Make sure to also add some royal blue along with some small silver gems for extra sparkle.

royal blue and white gingham print, along with leopard print nails and silver gems for added sparkle

Royal blue is such a classic color that complements almost any outfit. These designs are sure to turn heads and make your nails look fabulous. Add a set of these designs to your manicure and see how fabulously
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