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Bob Dylan, born Robert Allen Zimmerman, is an iconic American singer-songwriter and musician, best known for sparking the folk-revival of the 1960s. Through twelve albums and countless tours, Dylan has developed and maintained an identity that is both influential and respected. He is also known for his iconic style, ranging from his clothing to his hair.

Dylan typically keeps his hair short, but isn’t afraid to embrace a longer, shaggier style. He has long sideburns, which he favors, making it evident that he likes to rock his signature style. This look isn’t always fitted, or neat, and looks a little dishevelled. Keeping his locks long and loose, his eyebrows, moustache and beard remain a heavy part of his look. It’s evident that this dishevelled look matches Dylan’s music aesthetic and attitude.

These 44 images show how Dylan continues to wear his style, regardless of how long or short his locks may be. Whether he is sporting a mop of curls or a messy layered bob, it’s clear that his hair and sense of style remain an integral part of the musician. Showing off the variation in his endearing style, each cut is unique, bringing with it a new look and identity.

Cut #1

Bob Dylan wearing a muddled and messy cut

This first style shows Dylan with a shorter, layered look. His locks are pushed to the side, so they hang haphazardly across his face, giving him a wild appearance that is perfect for his style and sound. Recognizable sideburns help add to his look.

Cut #2

Bob Dylan with ruffled and tousled long hair

Dylan has been known to keep his locks longer, and this picture is no exception. With his locks allowed to fall freely, Dylan looks effortless, and also looks like he’s ready for a performance. His signature sideburns are prominent and adding to his look.

Cut #3

Close up of Bob Dylan with a layered and mopish cut

This image allows us to get up close to Dylan and his hair. His locks are longer, and hang messily and dishevelled. His sideburns go to just below his ears, adding more texture to the overall look. It looks as though he’s been on tour, playing a few shows, with his locks still looking great.

Cut #4

Bob Dylan looking away from camera, wearing long, shaggy hair

Dylan looks off camera in this image, allowing us to observe his look from behind. His hair is dishevelled and pushed backwards, the shagginess of the style is evident, with locks poking out from the sides. He wears this hairstyle with pride and confidence.

Bob Dylan remains a cultural icon and his signature styling only adds to his unique and influential identity. Through these 44 images, it’s clear that the musician continues to wear his timeless look, regardless its length or styling. Dylan’s locks remain an integral part of his look and music, making his style unapologetically him.

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