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Most women strive to find the perfect hairstyle for their oval faces. Obviously, the available choices are numerous and many of them could really flatter your face shape. One of the most popular cuts nowadays is the classic bob. It can be anything from a chin-length bob to a shoulder-length one.

Disconnected Bob

This classic bob is disconnected and implies quite a drastic cut while still leaving your hair quite long on the chin. It could be a great choice for those ladies that wish to elongate their face shape. The short length of the back and sides will balance out the longer chin and will make your oval face appear more proportionally.

disconnected bob

If you love the classic look, this disconnected bob is an amazing way to also add texture and interest to your curls. To style, use some product to separate your curls and tweak the length of your bangs if you feel like adding more asymmetry to your cut.

Textured Bob

Another way to wear the classic bob is to add plenty of texture to it. This means that you can go for a bob slightly shorter than your chin but keep the ends slightly longer and more textured on the front. This way, you will bring a lot of texture and volume to your curls, without sacrificing the overall length.

textured bob

Textured looks are also quite versatile when it comes to styling. You can work with your natural waves and curls or even use rollers to enhance them. Bangs could also be definitely added to this type of bob and the result will be amazing. This is a great option if you wish to add more character and interest to your haircut.

Layered Bob

This type of bob is cut in different layers, making it look really stylish and versatile. You can go from a chin-length bob to a shoulder length one and add as many layers as you like, taking into consideration your own hair texture. This is a great way to give your haircut more movement and enhance its dimension.

layered bob

Layering a bob can really make your face shape appear longer and more proportionate. It also adds more movement and can make your hairstyle more versatile. You can style your layers any way you want to, making sure that you always keep the short hair on the back and the longer strands on the front.


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