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We all know that makeup contouring can be a difficult art to master. But with the right tools and techniques, you can achieve amazing results in no time! So, if you are looking for the best tips and tricks to get your body contouring done in spectacular fashion, then you’re in the right place!

Flaunt Your Best Assets

Photo of arm contouring using makeup

Start by focusing on bringing out your best assets with makeup! If you have thin arms, accentuate their curves with a light bronzer in an around your arm area. This will give your arms an immediate boost of definition. To make it look more natural, use contouring cream a shade or two darker to the bronzer in order to sculpt and improve the definition. Blend it in for seamless coverage.

Create A Natural Glow

Photo of achieving natural skin glow using makeup

Who doesn’t love a natural glow? Enhance your entire body with a dewy, light-reflecting foundation or liquid illuminator. For the best results, pick light foundation that complements your natural skin tone. Then, use an angled brush to apply and blend it in in order to add seamless coverage. Once you’re done, use a damp beauty blender to press the foundation down, allowing it to settle into your skin and take off excess product.

Create Definition

Photo of body contouring using makeup

For a super showcase-ready finish, you need definition. Arm contouring can be tricky, especially if your arms are more muscular- make sure you don’t over-contour as it can make them look more angular and harsh. To create a more natural-looking effect, use a lighter cream or cream-to-powder product and blend it in using an angled makeup brush. You can also use bronzer, or a combination of the two.

Overall, contouring is a great way to give your body the right kind of shape. Plus, it also makes our skin look healthier and smoother- so definitely give it a shot! Just remember to blend and use the right shade to get your desired result.

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