Brad Pitt Long Hairstyle

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Brad Pitt is always known for being on top of men’s fashion and hairstyles. He has graced the big screen appearing with various haircuts, from short and spiky to longer and looser locks, he seems to be able to pull off just about any look. Among his most iconic styles is his long and luxurious locks – a classic look that exudes masculinity, but also has great impact. Styling this particular look is a timeless classic that can be seen on many celebrities and red carpets, and can easily be achieved yourself. Here, we will examine seven of his best long-haired looks, and provide a few simple tips on how to get the best version of them.

The Messy, Piecey Look

Brad Pitt with disheveled piecey haircut

This look is a fun and contemporary style that Brad Pitt donned in 2018 to much acclaim. This should be great for medium to long hair out there that doesn’t have too much body. To achieve this style, you will need some styling cream, or pomade. Start by creating a side part, and then take some of the pomade and apply it to the mid-lengths of the hair. Then simply brush it up towards the roof of your head, to create the signature piecey look. High hold pomade can be used at the end to ensure the piecey look stays in place throughout the day.

The Classic Parted Style

Brad Pitt with sharp side part

This is a more traditional option when it comes to styling your long hair. This can be seen in many classic films, and the key to doing this look is the careful execution of the side part. In order to achieve this style, you will need some holding gel and a comb, or brush. Start by making sure the hair is well groomed and that there are no tangles. Then use the comb to create the desired side part, making sure it is as sharp as possible. When this is achieved, use the holding gel to ensure that the part stays in place, and to make it look as clean and neat as possible.

The Sleek and Shiny Look

Brad Pitt with sleek and shiny hair

This is a look that Brad Pitt has been seen sporting quite regularly, and it is one of those styles that looks great with any type of facial hair. To create this look, you will need some smoothing serum and an extremely soft brush. Start by applying the serum onto the hair and then use the brush to distribute it throughout the strands. Then begin to brush the hair back and create more volume. Be sure to finish by using a light hold hairspray to ensure that everything stays in place throughout the day.

The Loose Waves Look

Brad Pitt with long, loose waves

This is a fun and care-free look that requires a little bit of extra effort to achieve. This can easily be created using a curling iron, and all you will need is some Argan oil, or any type of leave-in conditioner. Start by applying the product from the mid-lengths, up to the ends – this will protect the hair and add some texture. Once you have the
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