Broken Doll Halloween Makeup

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Doll-inspired Halloween makeup looks are a fun, creative way to showcase your unique celebrate the holiday. This year, most people will be celebrating from their homes, so you can get creative and get downright spooky with striking dolls as your muses.

Cracked Doll – Easy Halloween Makeup Looks & Ideas

woman wearing black and white asymmetrical face paint

Find old-world charm with cracked-doll makeup. This half cracked-face look features black, white, and gray smoky eyeshadow. Use matte black eyeshadow to draw a crack onto one half of the face and to create a strong shape to the eye makeup. Blend a cool gray and white eyeshadow mix above and below the crack and hook it up with some falsies. Add a touch of shimmery white eyeshadow under the brow bones to create highlights. Add a clear gloss to the Cupid’s bow and the center of the cracked eye to give the effect of glistening tears.

Makeup Halloween Doll 29+ Ideas – Page 8 of 31 – Easy Hairstyles

woman wearing a full face black and white DIY carnival mask

Carnival-inspired makeup looks done with intricate masks and detailed costumes are a fantastic way to rise to the level of iconic and this classic doll makeup look is a great place to start. This easy yet intricate look features a full face DIY carnival mask, a pink floral crown, and rose-colored lips. Start by painting a black mask shape onto the face and draw in the eyes and the lips with black eyeliner. Fill in some details and patterns with white eyeshadow and outline the edges with black eyeshadow. Add a light pink blush to the cheeks, dab pink shimmer onto the lids and dust some onto the cheeks. Finish the look with a dramatic winged liner, rose-colored lips, and a matching diamond-shaped floral crown.

Broken Doll Halloween Makeup

woman wearing a face broken up into black and white

Take a broken doll look and make it spooky with a twist on the classic porcelain doll makeup. This Halloween look features plenty of black and white, with cracked makeup and a hint of color to add a unique touch. Cover half the face with a layer of black and fill in the other half of the face with white pointillism. Cover the black half of the face with an intricate webby pattern in white and draw in a red vein pattern with a red eyeliner. Add a clear gloss to the center of the face in a clockwise pattern. For extra drama, create a black eye with an exaggerated cat eye look and add plenty of long, fluttering lashes.

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Cracked Doll - Easy Halloween Makeup Looks and Ideas
Makeup Halloween Doll 29+ Ideas - Page 8 of 31 - Easy Hairstyles