Broken And Shattered Glass Nails Are The Latest Nail Art Trend You Need

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Who says broken glass can’t be beautiful? It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s definitely the latest nail art trend that has taken the world by storm. Shattered glass nails are the perfect way to get the edgy look without any of the danger. You can find a range of beautiful glass designs from delicate pieces of glass placed gracefully across your nails to bold, dramatic designs that shout out from across the room.

Picture of Shattered glass nail art look

Shattered glass nails is an intricate way of creating a beautiful manicure that really draws attention to the nails. The glass can be matched to any color to create a unique look. The most popular way of creating shattered glass nails is to use thermochromic pigment which allows you to easily change up the colors of the glass. To create this look, start off with a base coat of the desired color. Then, while the base coat is still wet, use a tweezers to apply the thermochromic pigment to the nails. Then wait for the pigment to dry before adding top coat. Whilst the top coat is still wet, use tweezers to embed small pieces of broken glass onto the nails. Finally, wait for the top coat to dry and then you have your beautiful shattered glass nail art!

Shattered glass nails looks stunning and doesn’t require a lot of expertise. You can easily get the materials from any beauty supply store and it’s a great way to create some unique and edgy nail designs that will be sure to grab some attention. So if you’re looking for statement nails that are sure to turn some heads, give broken and shattered glass nails a go!

Broken and shattered glass nails are the latest nail art trend you need