Broncos Makeup

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Are you a diehard Denver Broncos fan? Impress your friends on game day with some eye-catching Denver Broncos makeup! Whether you are channeling your inner NFL player or just sporting your team’s spirit, this makeup look will make you stand out among the rest.

Broncos Makeup

Blue and orange eye makeup using eyeliner and eyeshadow for broncos fans

This simple Broncos look is easy to achieve and takes no time at all. All you need to achieve this look is your favorite blue and orange eyeshadows, an eyeliner of your choice, and some mascara. Simply apply your broncos colored eyeshadows on your lids, then use your eyeliner to draw a few blue or orange lines on the eye crease or corners. Finish the look off by applying some black mascara to your lashes, and voila! You have a broncos eye makeup look that will dazzle while you watch the game.

Halloween ish Eyes

Grey, black and orange eye makeup with broncos colors

Take your broncos makeup look to the next level by adding a bit of Halloween flair. This look is perfect for game days with a Halloween theme and will surely bring lights to the stadium. To achieve this look all you need is some black eyeshadow, some orange eyeshadow, an orange eyeliner and some grey and black glitters. Start off by priming your eyes, then apply the black eyeshadow and use your orange eyeliner to draw some lines to create the winged liner effect. Add some glitters on your lids and finish off with some black mascara. You now have a spooky yet festive Broncos look!

Denver Broncos Eye Makeup Tutorial

Detailed makeup tutorial on how to achieve the broncos eyes

If you would like a more detailed look, this tutorial from Scarlet Hunter shows us an easy step-by-step guide on how to achieve a fierce broncos eye makeup look. The tutorial starts out with a grey base and then proceeds to bronze, blue and orange eyeshadows. To further create a look as bold as the team, Scarlet applies some bronzes and oranges glitters. You can also use eyeliner to create a winged liner look and draw shapes like stars, or hearts to match your team spirit. Finally, to complete the look, Scarlet adds some false eyelashes to make the eyes stand out even more. With these tips, you’ll be a star of the stadium!

Denver Broncos eye makeup tutorial
Halloween ish Eyes 1 by snooglerat, via Flickr | Halloween eye makeup
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