Bubbles Nail Art V2

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Are you looking for a design to truly make your nails stand out? Bubble nails are just the kind of look you’re searching for. They’re wonderful for any occasion and so many colors, styles, and types that you can try. Bubble nails look sparkling and luxurious with tons of colors, rhinestones, and other decorations.

Bubbles Nail Art v2

Bubble nail art design with blue and yellow colors

If you’re a beginner or veteran in the world of nail art, bubble nails are a great way to add a little character to your look. With some practice, anyone can become a nail art expert. One way to achieve this look is with gel nails. Create a base, choose your colors and take a simple piece of tape and wrap it around your finger with the desired kind of shape you want. After that, paint the top part of your nail in the color of your choosing and allow it to dry. The added textural difference of the tape will help you separate the two colors creating an interesting effect and add flare to your bubble nails.

For a more intricate look, try water marble nails. This technique is super popular, though not for the faint of heart. Apply your base layer, put polish in water and use a pin to swirl the colors together until a marble pattern is created. Dip your finger and remove any excess water from your nail. If you’re not satisfied with your first try, no worries! Simply wipe your nail with a paper towel and try again.

Foil transfer technique is another great way to add a little something extra to your bubble nails. Start by cutting the foil into small shapes. Apply a top coat, add your foil pieces and press down lightly. Make sure that you cover all of the nail and, when complete, seal the design with a solid coat of glitter.

Bubble nails offer so many different options and can be customized to your individual style and taste. With a little practice and some experimentation, you can come up with a look that’s perfect for you. All you need are some practice and determination. Soon enough you’ll be a bubble nail expert.

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