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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has different tastes in terms of what constitutes ‘beauty’ – some are drawn to the classic and timeless aesthetic of an Audrey Hepburn, whilst others prefer the modern glam of a high fashion model. But what would be the ultimate beauty look? Look no further than “Cake Face” – a beauty trend that is taking the world by storm.

Gorgeous Eyes are the Highlight of the Look

The “Cake Face” look focuses heavily on the eyes – bringing out your natural beauty through simplification and enhancement. Eyeshadow and liner bring out the shape and colour of the eyes, as well as making them appear bigger and more dramatic. As with all trends, apply in moderation to ensure that your look is balanced and enhances your natural features.

Close up of a woman with bright eye makeup

Soft, Natural Makeup is the Highlight of the Look

The “Cake Face” aesthetic prefers a more natural face look, with focus being more on the blush of the cheeks and the fullness of the lips. As well as highlighting the eyes, a light dusting of foundation covers up blemishes and evens out your complexion for a flawless complexion. The perfect finishing touch would be a light coat of mascara to help lash those eyelashes.

Woman with bright blush, lip color and lightly mascaraed eyes

Glam Halloween Favourites are Not Forgotten

Whilst “Cake Face” is modern and natural, it also takes its inspiration from classic Halloween looks. Bold and daring colours are used to create daring and creative looks – snake and skull looks being amongst the favourites. Whether you’re returning to classic traditions or looking to inspire with a new project, “Cake Face” is the go to trend.

Woman with a dark snake inspired eye makeup look

Remember that there’s no one size fits all look. Experiment with different colour combinations and products that you think would suit you best and don’t be afraid to break the mould and create something new. That’s what makes “Cake Face” such an exciting trend that’s continuously reinventing itself, and the possibilities for creating an original look are endless!

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