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We all have been through days where we have felt a little more self-conscious due to our skin unevenness. Trying to solve this issue without makeup can be difficult, even futile if you have severe discoloration. But all is not lost! Color correcting makeup can help even out skin tone and provide an even coverage. Color correcting makeup is specially formulated and uses a variety of pigments, to correct and neutralize specific color imperfections. Most people have a range of imperfections, which means you need a range of color correcting makeup.

Using Color Correcting Makeup to Even Out Your Skin Tone

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The key to success with color correcting is knowing which product works for which imperfection. For example, green pigmented makeup helps counteract redness, such as in skin with rosacea or acne. If you have yellowness, such as dark circles, then purple makeup will help neutralize the skin tone. To neutralize blue discoloration such as veins, use an orange-tinged pigmented makeup.

If all the colors sound confusing and overwhelming, you can test different colors out on the back of your hand or on your jawline to find what works best for you. Start applying the pigmented makeup in a very thin layer and be sure it has set before applying regular foundation.

What Can You Do with Makeup?

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Makeup helps us bring out our features and hide any imperfections we may have. It’s a great way to enhance your look, creating a more beautiful you. Want fuller lips? Add lipstick or liner. Want to hide dark circles or blemishes? Use some concealer. No matter the problem, there is a makeup solution.

Eyes can be the most dramatic feature when it comes to makeup. From your eyelashes, to eyeliner, to eyeshadow. There are so many combinations to make your eyes stand out. Eyelashes can add instant glamour and there are numerous ways to achieve what you want. From fibres, to mascara, to lash strips, there are different textures and styles which will accent your eyes.

Spray Can Makeup?! Full Coverage?!

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But what if you want to apply makeup with even more speed and convenience? That’s where spray can makeup comes in! Spray can makeup is typically full coverage, mineral based makeup. It is made with natural elements like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, so it not only looks great but also provides SPF protection against the sun. And yes, the makeup comes out of an aerosol can! The best thing is, it can be applied onto moisture-free skin, meaning no additional moisturizer is needed.

The spray can be a handheld device as well, making it easy to hold and apply. It also creates no mess, because the product comes in a can. All you have to do is spray and go! Spray can makeup is the perfect solution for busy mornings or days when you want to get out the door faster.

Makeup has come a long way in helping us enhance and even out our skin tone. With color correcting makeup and spray can makeup, there’s no need to feel like you’re stuck with the skin you have. Whether you’re trying to conceal any imperfections or achieve a dramatic look, you’ll be able to do it all with ease.

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