Can You Return Makeup To Ulta

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Shopping for makeup can be fun, but sometimes it can be hard finding makeup that fits your needs, especially if you can’t find it in stores. With so many different stores and products available, it can be difficult to figure out just where to go. Two of the most popular places for makeup shopping are Walmart and Ulta. But what if you want to return makeup from either store?

Can You Return Makeup at Walmart?

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According to Walmart, you can return most beauty or makeup products within 90 days of purchase as long as it is unopened and unused. However, if the product has been opened or used it can’t be returned. It’s also important to note that some items, such as cosmetics, toiletries, deodorants or fragrances, may be returned only if unopened.

NEW Makeup You Can Find Only At Ulta

A selection of makeup products from Ulta

If you’re looking for something specific, Ulta is the place to go. There are many makeup brands that are exclusive to the store, such as Urban Decay and Too Faced. Ulta is also a great place to find limited-edition items and collections that you can’t find anywhere else.

Can You Return Makeup To Ulta?

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Yes! Ulta is known for its customer service, and this includes being able to return makeup products that you don’t like. Most products can be returned within 60 days of purchase, as long as they are unopened, unused, and in original condition. If you have any questions about the return policy, you can always contact customer service.

So, now you know where to go to find the perfect makeup products, and know that you can also return them if they don’t quite meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for exclusive products or just something special, Walmart and Ulta have you covered!

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