Candy Corn Nails🌽

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This time of year, it’s time to break out the candy corn. It may be called the most controversial candy of all time, but it sure looks pretty when painted on your nails. This year, why not take your candy corn obsession to the next level? Instead of just eating it, why not paint it onto your finger tips?

Candy Corn Nails

An orange, yellow and light brown coffin-shaped nail with the iconic triangle shapes of the classic candy corn design.

These candy corn nails may seem daunting to recreate, but with a few simple tools and some patience, you’ll be able to rock the look in no time. All you need are a base coat, a steady hand and some nail art tools and you can start painting your very own candy corn nail look!

Getting Started

Start by applying a base coat to protect your nails. After the base coat has completely dried, you can begin painting on the candy corn-inspired designs. Dip one end of a thin liner brush into yellow polish and draw three yellow triangles on each nail. Dip the other side of the brush into orange and add the second layer of triangles. Let the nails dry. After they have dried, use a dotting tool dipped in white to add the white tip of each triangle.

Finishing Touches

Once you have all of the triangles in place, you can use the liner brush to go back and add some more details. This will give your nails more depth and dimension. You can even paint a full candy corn on one nail and use the other nails to create a complementary, candy corn-inspired look. Finish up the design by adding a glossy, topcoat to seal in the design.

Now you can show off your candy corn nails to all of your friends, just in time for all the spooky festivities this season. Have fun and be creative! After all, Halloween only comes around once a year and you may as well take advantage of the opportunity to express your style and creativity in a unique way.

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