Carrot Braids Hairstyle

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What did you do this weekend? We put in some serious hair makin’ skills and created these enchanting Zimbabwean Carrot Hairstyles! No burning braids in here. We used some decorative beads to enhance each look. Take a look below:

Zimbabwean Carrot Hairstyle 1

A woman with long, wavy black hair pulled back into five tightly bound buns with pink and purple beading and decorations

This warm-toned Zimbabwean Carrot Hairstyle begin with five tightly bound buns. Oranges and purples bring a serene hue to the look. Tiny beads decorate each braid and buns, making it a perfect look for special events.

Zimbabwean Carrot Hairstyle 2

A woman with medium-length, curly black hair pulled back into a high and low bun with yellow and white beading and decorations

For those longing for something with a slightly more fun, playful vibe, this Zimbabwean Carrot Hairstyle is the perfect fit! The cream and yellow tone gives off a sunny and delightful feel. White beads differ in sizes to bring texture and depth to the look.

Zimbabwean Carrot Hairstyle 3

A woman with long, curly black hair partially pulled back into two large top buns with green and blue beading and decorations

This gorgeous Zimbabwean Carrot hairstyle makes a bold, fashion-forward statement. The greens and blues bring an evening (or night) vibe to the table. Also, the different sizes of beads and colors of decorations give just enough contrast to bring the look back down to earth.

Zimbabwean Carrot Hairstyle 4

A woman with long, wavy black hair partially pulled back into three small top buns with yellow and pink beading and decorations

These mini buns are always popular for those after an edgy, trend-setting look. Pulling it off requires careful devotion to detail and precision! The yellow and pink beading is a great touch to make the look more interesting. Seeing is believing!

So, what did you whip up this weekend? Show us your Zimbabwean Carrot Hairstyle creations!

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