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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and today the eye of the beholder can find some stunning and unique nail art, especially when it comes to nail art featuring cats. Kitty-inspired manicures are a huge trend, and one of the best and most intricate designs is the Cat Blouse Nail Art, which is just as adorable as it is intricate. If you’re looking to give your tips a touch of feline flair, here’s the best way to create the popular look.

Step One: Gather the Color Palette

To get going, you’ll need four different polish shades, each of which will create a different part of the Cat Blouse look. You’ll need a dark base coat, such a black or dark navy blue. Then, choose a brighter pop of color, like yellow or pink. You’ll need one small glitter polish and one large glitter polish, such as a medium-size silver glitter.

Step Two: Start With the Base Coat

Apply two layers of the dark base coat color to all of your nails and let it dry fully between each layer. Don’t realize how you’ll create a completely different look; this is where your base color will come in.

Step Three: Paint the Blouse

The blouse is created with the brighter color you chose in Step One. For this look, you paint the brighter color down the center of each nail, from the cuticle to the tip, leaving the dark base color peeking out from either side of the blouse color. Then, make sure the brush stays exact and thin to create the buttoned look of the blouse.

Step Four: Add the Glitter

Using both of the glitter polishes, fill in small sections of each nail to create the sparkly-but-elegant look you’re going for. You can leave space in between the large and small glitters, or you can make sure they’re packed tightly together.

Finishing Touches

Nail art with a cat inspired blouse on the center of the nail

Once your nails are dry, you’re ready to go! You can leave it as is for a cute look, or you can add standout details, like adding facial features and accessories to the blouse. With a little patience, you’re sure to have a unique and eye-catching manicure on your hands.

Cat Blouse Nail Art · How To Paint An Animal Nail · Beauty on Cut Out