Seeing a fun and unique twist on an otherwise typical makeup look is always refreshing and exciting. Deer makeup is a great example of this. From the cute and girly to the dark and creepy, this timeless look has now been made into something so special that everyone is trying […]

Foundation is the basis of a good makeup look. It smooths out your complexion and gives you an even base to work with. But it’s also one of the most challenging products to choose, especially if your skin is over 60 or if you have oily or combination skin. There […]

What looks more gorgeous than a burgundy makeup look? Burgundy is a classic shade that is flattering on every skin tone. It’s an elegant, dramatic color that instantly captures your attention. Whether you’re pairing a burgundy lip with a subtle monochrome makeup look or going for a bold burgundy smoky […]

Finding make-up that is suitable for different skin tones can be difficult, and finding one specifically tailored to Asian skin can be even more difficult. But don’t fret – you are in luck! A variety of companies now offer make-up specifically designed for Asian skin. Almay’s Smart Shade line offers […]

Believe it or not, makeup has a come a long way in the last couple of decades. Gone are the days of heavy products that cake to your face and clog your pores — now, it’s all about clean makeup that is made from natural ingredients and won’t make you […]

Adore Delano is an American drag queen, singer-songwriter, and television personality. Her vibrant makeup, stylish hair, and killer stage presence make her an icon in the drag world. Delano is a fan favorite with a vibrant and positive outlook on life, plus her music and drag style has earned her […]

When it comes to applying makeup, having the proper lighting is absolutely essential. Flawless makeup application requires the combination of good makeup technique, quality brushes and tools, and proper lighting. To look your best, you should know what lighting is best suited for you. The Best Lighting for Makeup Application […]

Makeup is an essential tool for creating a unique look and a great way to express your beauty, style, and individuality. It’s no wonder then that so many K-Pop stars turn to makeup to help them stand out and make lasting impressions. But have you ever been curious about what […]

Albolene has become a trusted makeup remover and moisturizing cleanser which provides your skin with the nourishment it needs. Whether you’re wearing makeup or just trying to provide your skin with the right care, Albolene can help. Here’s what you need to know about Albolene makeup remover and moisturizing cleanser. […]

Since the beauty industry is growing in leaps and bounds, it’s time to start thinking about the various opportunities available in the makeup and cosmetic sector. If you’re looking to start your own beauty business, you’ll need to come up with the perfect name that reflects your vision and values. […]