Every woman, regardless of color, wants and deserves to look her best. When it comes to beauty, there’s no need to be a makeup pro, but a little bit of knowledge and advice from the pros can go a long way. To learn more about makeup tips, products, and trends […]

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CoverGirl has been an industry leader in affordable cosmetics since it’s start in 1961. With makeup for any face type, they offer everything a woman needs to look and feel her best. From the tried and true CoverGirl Clean foundation to trendy new mascaras, the CoverGirl Collection is expansive and […]

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The 1920s is a classic era of fashion, style, and glamour. Today’s makeup trends have been heavily influenced by this past era, as the makeup styles of the 20s remain timelessly beautiful. The key elements of 1920s makeup included a cat-eye, a red lip and natural skin. The look was […]

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Amy Winehouse was a true inspiration for many when it comes to makeup looks. Her look usually involved a bold cat eye, red lips, and her signature beehive hairdo. Even today, it’s not unusual to see people recreating her iconic makeup looks for Halloween, special occasions, and more. Below, check […]

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