Chemical Makeup Of Bleach

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Bleach is a magical substance that has so many uses, it can make your whites whiter, clean your surfaces, disinfect your bathroom and even turn your hair bright colors. It’s amazing stuff and it really can do-it-all. But do you know what is actually in bleach? Let me explain.

Chemical makeup of bleach

chemical formula for bleach

Bleach is mostly made up of salt, sodium and chlorine. The salt and sodium helps to give the liquid a higher pH level to help it clean better. The chlorine is a powerful disinfectant that helps to make sure that germs and bacteria are taken care of. As a solution, bleach is a strong oxidizing agent that makes sure that whatever you’re cleaning gets the job done.

Liquid Bleach

container of bleach liquid

Liquid bleaches are geared specially towards cleaning and sanitizing, and they are most often used to clean areas that need to be free of bacteria, like countertops and dishware. If you read the label of your liquid bleach, you will probably find a concentration of sodium hypochlorite listed on it. This is the main ingredient that helps to disinfect, clean and sanitize surfaces.

Germicidal Bleach Cleaner

bottle of bleach cleaner

Germicidal bleach cleaners are designed specifically for bathrooms and other areas that are prone to bacteria and germs. These cleaners don’t just neutralize and kill germs, they are also designed to help you keep your bathroom looking sparkling clean. The main ingredient in a germicidal bleach cleaner is usually sodium hypochlorite, just like standard liquid bleach. It’s just with a higher concentration so that it can do an even more thorough job at killing germs and bacteria, while also cleaning surfaces.

Now that you know the chemical makeup of bleach and the different types, you can decide for yourself what type is best for the cleaning job you have in mind. Whether it’s liquid bleach, germicidal bleach cleaner or something else, you’ll have the knowledge to make the perfect cleaning choice.

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