Japanese Cherry Blossom Nail Art

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Among all the flowers out there, the cherry blossom holds a special place in the heart of many people, especially the Japanese. These flowers, named Sakura, are the national flower of Japan and symbolize the fragility of life and renewal. Amidst the chaos of our lives, these beautiful flowers can bring a moment of joy, reconnection, and peace. It is no wonder why many would want to capture this beauty and wear it upon their nails.

The Inspiration of Japanese Cherry Blossom Nail Art

The inspiration behind the Japanese Cherry Blossom Nail Art is the beauty of the Sakura flower in its natural form. The floral design gives a very ethereal and delicate look to the nails, and the sheer color of the flowers combined with the sheer pastel colors of the nails gives them a very aesthetic quality. In Japan, the Sakura blooms for only a few weeks in springtime, making this nail art iconic for anyone wanting to capture the beauty of nature. The nail art is typically done with a white base, however, there are many variations of color and French tips often feature into this art.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Nail Art Design on White Nails

Instructions to Create Japanese Cherry Blossom Nail Art

For those who’d like to give Japanese cherry blossom nail art a try, there are several steps to creating this stunning look. The first step is creating a base color. Typically the base is white, however, any color can be used. After the base color is applied, use a dotting tool or a paintbrush to paint a circular flower on each of the nails. For the perfect Sakura flower, the polka dots should be quite small, but if a larger flower is desired, the dots can be a bit bigger. Add a bit of green as the leaves and if desired, a French tip can be used to really make the look stand out. Finish up with a top coat to seal in the design.

The Japanese cherry blossom nail art brings a delicate, ethereal beauty to the nails that is hard to achieve with other designs. With its special meaning, the Sakura flower has grown even more popular and its beauty radiates in the bloom of this nail design. Whether you have a special event or just want to feel more connected to nature, the Japanese cherry blossom nail art is the perfect choice.

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