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Whether you’re already a makeup aficionado or looking for a little inspiration to update your style, the new Chinese makeup trend of the Empress of China look is the perfect way to make a unique fashion statement. Unlike the soft, natural look which has remained dominant in the makeup spirit of the West for the last half century, this more daring and innovative style is sweeping across the world, with more and more people influenced by the orient’s take on beauty.

Flawed Perfections: Empress of China Makeup

makeup look with golden necklace, strong eyeshadow and eyeliner, nude lips and glowing skin

The Empress of China makeup look from East endeavors to achieve the same perfection the West strives for, but the technique is different. Instead of just one shade of eyeshadow, several are used to create a striking, almost regal effect, combined with eyeliner and other makeup elements. The goal isn’t to look natural and flawless, but rather to stand out with a look that is bold, seductive and confident.

Chinese Makeup Style – Mugeek Vidalondon

girl with red eyeshadow and ruby lips

The Mugeek vidalondon look which has gained popularity in recent years is a more traditional take on the Chinese look. The concept and image of Mugeek is a girl inspired by Chinese folklore – pinyin for “magpie” – and the traditional style draws from across different Chinese regions to create a unique persona. Red eyeshadow and ruby lips are common features of the Mugeek makeup look, and are popular for both special occasions and every day looks.

New Chinese Makeup Trend: The Empress Of China Look

makeup look with teal tones and white on the lips, smoky eyes

Recent years have seen the emergence of the Empress of China look. It is heavily inspired by traditional Chinese makeup, but also has its own signature style. This look is all about color and drama, and often features bright, bold shades of blue, teal, and purple. A secondary highlight with a light outline of white on the lips and laced through the eye makeup gives it an industrial beauty look, with a smoky eye effect and intriguing layers of color.

The Chinese makeup trend of the Empress of China look is a great way to express your individual style and stand out from the crowd. It’s a look perfect for nights out or special events, and is a fun way to show your artistic side. Its daring but dazzling elements will make a statement wherever you go.

New Chinese Makeup Trend: The Empress of China look - Movies
Chinese Makeup Style - Mugeek Vidalondon
Flawed Perfections: Empress of China Makeup