Christina Aguilera Makeup

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Christina Aguilera has been a pop icon for 20 years straight. Her music has helped her become an international star and now fans everywhere can’t wait to see what the artist does next. As many fans know, Christina Aguilera is known for her signature makeup look on the red carpet. But she recently revealed that she isn’t always wearing glam and stage makeup for photo shoots. Let’s take a look at her natural electric beauty without makeup!

Christina Aguilera False Eyelashes

Close up photo of Christina Aguileras false eyelashes

Christinia Aguilera has been known to rock some fierce false eyelashes on the red carpet. These long wispy lashes give her a subtle sparkle that’s perfect for the paparazzi cameras. Add a bold red lip and Christina is ready to steal the show.

Christina Aguilera Natural Look

Cutaway photo of Christina Aguilera face with no makeup

Christina Aguilera recently showed the world her natural face without any makeup. Though normally covered in makeup for the red carpet, in 2018 this photo went viral showing her natural glow. The photo proves that under all the glamour, her electric beauty still shines.

Christina Aguilera No Makeup

Christina Aguilera smiling while showing her natural face with no makeup

It’s a breath of fresh air to see Christina Aguilera embracing her natural beauty and showing the world that she is still beautiful with or without makeup. From the glittery eye makeup to the bright red lipstick, Christina Aguilera’s signature look will always be different from her natural look. But it’s reassuring to know that the artist still loves her natural glow.

Christina Aguilera is living proof that natural beauty doesn’t need an extra boost. She proves that no matter what glamorous looks she experiments with, the camera will still capture her natural sparkling beauty!

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