10 Christmas Nail Art Designs

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The holiday season is approaching and it’s time to decorate and get festive by doing Christmas-themed nail art designs. Whether you’re looking for a subtle way to show your holiday spirit or a bold and eye-catching design, there are many Christmas nail art options that fit your nail style. From holly leaves to red and silver snowflakes, these ten Christmas nail art designs can get you ready for the holidays.

Tree and Snow Nail Art

A Christmas Tree and Snow Nail Art Design featuring a dark green emerald glittery tree, red and silver snowflakes, and white rhinestones

This Tree and Snow Nail Art design combines subtle and festive elements into one design. The nails feature a dark green and emerald glitter, to represent the Christmas tree. Red and silver snowflakes are displayed on the middle finger to represent the winter chill. Lastly, white rhinestones are added to provide a subtle decoration.

Santa Hat Nail Art

A Toy Santa Hat Design Nail Art featuring a silver base, candy cane stripes and a top hat with a red pom pom

This Toy Santa Hat Design Nail Art has a little festive flare. The nails feature a silver base and candy cane stripes to represent the winter season. Additionally, the index finger displays a shiny red pom pom topper for the Santa hat. The red and white together creates a unique and festive design.

Reindeer Nail Art

A Reindeer Nail Art Design featuring a red-brown base, drawn on antlers, yellow eyes, a white nose, and designed snowflakes

This Reindeer Nail Art design is a playful and creative design. The red-brown base is used as the canvas for the reindeer. Hand-drawn antlers are used to display the look of a reindeer. For the eyes, bright yellow lacquer is used to bring this unique design to life. Lastly, a white lacquer is used to paint the reindeer’s nose and to bring the picture complete.

Snowman Nail Art

A Snowman Nail Art Design featuring a shimmering holographic bace and hand-drawn on facial features

This Snowman Nail Art design adds a bit of flair to the classic snowman design. The nails feature a shimmering holographic base and a series of hand-drawn on facial features. The snowman has orange circles painted on its face to resemble a carrot nose and a black dot to signify an eye. In addition, the snowman is shown wearing a black and white knitted scarf, making this whimsical design a favorite.

Winter Wonderland Nail Art

A Winter Wonderland Nail Art Design featuring blue and purple gradient, snowdrifts, diamond encrusted snowflakes, and a small tree on the ring finger

This Winter Wonderland Nail Art design provides a beautiful, subtle way to wear winter on your nails. The nails feature a gradient of blue and purple, to signify a winter wonderland. Additionally, small and sparkly diamond encrusted snowflakes are also included in the design. Lastly, a small silver and black tree is painted on the ring finger to complete the beautiful winter scene.

Rudolph Nail Art

10 Christmas Nail Art Designs - April Golightly