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Oh, the holiday season! You go out shopping and look at the decorations and feel that special spirit in the air. Before you know it, it’s time for Christmas and you’ve got to look your best. But what about the nails? You’ve got to make your hands look super-festive and ready for the holiday season.

Christmas Nails To Complete Your Unforgettable Holiday Image

A woman's hands sporting golden shimmering Christmas nails with nail-polish designs of Christmas wreaths, snowflakes and stars

Adding some sparkle and warmth to your look doesn’t have to limit to your clothing and accessories, why not add it to your nails too to add that extra shimmer and jingle to your look? Whether it’s bold, festive red nails combined with golden and glitter nails adding the right amount of sparkle, or going for more subtle snowflakes, snowballs and reindeers art-piece nails, it’ll help you to complete your holiday look and make an unforgettable impression. As the season continues, why not continue to experiment with fun art and designs that will spark that holiday cheer?

But don’t worry if you’re a traditionalist, there are still plenty of ways to add a festive feel to your nails without going overboard. A classic glitter pale pink nail with some Christmas tree and snowflake art, sprinkled with some glitter and gold, will help to make sure your nails stand out amongst the crowd. Platinum and light gold colours with a hint of sequins are another great way to get festive without looking too bold! If you’re looking to go all out, why not opt for some blended blues, silver and gold Christmas nails complete with 3D ornaments, perfect for the Christmas dance party.

So this holiday season, why not be original and experiment with different looks and art pieces to create the perfect Christmas nails. Complete the look with warm and cozy snowflake nail art to keep those cold winter blues away. After all, your nails should stand out as much as your festive fashion!

Christmas Nails To Complete Your Unforgettable Holiday Image