Nail Christmas Creative Yourself Diy

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Christmas is the best time of the year, so why not get creative and get your nails ready in style. With plenty of fabulous and festive Christmas nail art ideas you can easily do yourself, there’s no need to rush to the salon for that perfect holiday look. Whether you’re looking for subtle and chic or bold and colorful, here are 15 seriously creative Christmas nail art ideas to choose from.

Nordic inspired Christmas

Nordic-inspired Christmas with white base and white polka dots, snowman design, and tiny Christmas trees with red and green hues

If traditional Christmas is what you’re aiming for then go with a simple Nordic-inspired look. Start off with a white base and add tiny white polka dots for that festive feel. Once you’re done, paint a snowman or Santa face with a thin nailbrush and complete the look with tiny Christmas trees in red and green hues.

Unicorn Christmas tree

Unicorn Christmas tree design with purple, rose gold and white colours

Bring fantasy and enchantment to your Christmas nail look with a gorgeous unicorn Christmas tree. You can opt for a wintery white base, and add gradually thinning stripes of purple and rose gold with a thin brush. Draw a small unicorn at the tip of your nail with two tiny star details – this will look great with a nice santa hat on top

Holiday holly

Holly nails design with green and red nail polish and white dots to represent berries

Enchanting holly nails are the perfect accessory for a winter evening. Choose a vibrant red base, you can use glossy or matte nail polish, and add tiny white dots to represent the berries. To finish the look, add green leaves or holly leaves – you can use thin-tip nail pens or even a tooth pick.

Glitter blown snow

Glitter blown snow nails with a light blue gradient and white nail polish

Keep your nails classic with this elegant snow-inspired design. Start with a light blue gradient for the base and use a thin brush to draw wispy ‘streaks’ of white around the bottom of your nails. Finally, add silver glitter to your tips to really bring the look together – this will look perfect with a little snowman face on top.

Merry Christmas nails

Merry Christmas nails with a red and green base and snowflakes details

This cheerful design captures the spirit of Christmas and is ideal for any festive occasion. Start with a bright red and green ombre base and add snowflakes details in white or silver glitter polish. To complete the look, draw a ‘Merry Christmas’ or a festive message with thin-tip nail pens – you can even add a few thin stripes at the sides to give your nails a unique edge.

Penguin parade

Penguin parade design with black, white and blue nail polish

Let your nails speak for themselves with this adorable penguin parade. Start with a black base, and use white
15 Seriously Creative Christmas Nail Art Ideas You Can Do Yourself