12 Days Of Christmas Nail Art: Christmas Trees

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Christmas trees are one of the most popular decorations associated with Christmas. This 12 days of Christmas nail art design features a row of alternating Christmas trees with a star on top, to celebrate the traditional twelve days of Christmas song. This design is particularly impressive for the intricate details – for example, each tree has been painted in a variety of different greens and some even glittery to add more sparkle. This is definitely an eye-catching design that will make everyone who notices it stop and take a closer look.


To start, apply a coat of clear base coat to each of your nails and allow to dry. Once dry, begin by painting all your nails a white base to act as a canvas. Take any shade of green polish you have and with movements that resemble a Christmas tree, paint three triangle shapes to create your Christmas tree designs. Remember, you’re looking to achieve the effect of several different trees and not one continuous tree. To give your design a little bit of extra sparkle and shine, add small spots of light green and gold polish, then top off with a star on the top of each tree, which can be done with a silver or gold glitter polish. Finish off with a layer of clear top coat to make sure all the glitter is secured to your nails.

A woman with Christmas tree designs on her fingernails

This nail design is perfect for the holidays, but also just in general because of how elegant and festive it looks. You can easily do this yourself, or if you’re a busy bee, then don’t be afraid to go to a professional nail artist to get it done. Don’t forget to share your nail designs online with your friends and family. Christmas is a time for giving and this is one small way you can express your festive cheer!

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