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Cindy Crawford is one of the most recognizable faces in the world. As she celebrates her 50th birthday, she remains an icon of beauty and glamor. Her timeless elegance has made her a fashion icon around the globe. But what really makes Cindy Crawford so beautiful? We look at her skincare regimen and her favorite beauty products to get the secrets of her ageless beauty.

1. Cindy Crawford’s Skincare Routine

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Cindy Crawford has always maintained a stringent skincare routine which is key to her radiant look. Her go-to products include Biologique Recherche’s Vitamin C Serum and Multi-Action Cream. She is also a fan of using natural oils such as almond and jojoba oil to nourish her skin. Crawford is a strong advocate of sunscreen and never steps out without applying a sunscreen with SPF 50+ to protect her skin.

2. BFF with Makeup

Cindy Crawford no makeup selfie

Cindy Crawford has been a fashion icon since exploding on to the modeling scene in the 1980s. Evidence of her beauty hacks can be found in her old photographs when she nailed the ‘no makeup’ look. Her secret to perfecting that natural, yet glamorous, look relied on her makeup artist to use the lightest, softest products. Popular favorites from her wardrobe include Maybelline Great Lash mascara and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick.

3. Hair Care

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Crawford’s trademark voluminous waves are the result of her pro-stylist’s hard work. She is a strong believer in air-drying her hair to prevent heat damage. To put life back into her tresses, she uses John Frieda Curl Reviver Mousse. Yet, she does not rely solely on products for beautiful locks. She also gets regular trims and conditioning treatments from her hairstylist.

Cindy Crawford’s ageless beauty is achieved through an active lifestyle, a nutritious diet, and a robust skincare routine. Her simple beauty essentials like sunscreen, natural oils and make-up staples have kept her looking young and beautiful. From her skincare to her wardrobe, Cindy’s timeless style has made her a fashion icon around the globe.

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