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We’ve all been dreaming of the days when we’d get to rock a fun, festival look. And now, with Coachella just around the corner, let’s make sure everyone’s makeup looks stunningly fabulous! Because being able to express yourself through makeup is just one of the best things in life, we’ve rounded up some of the best Coachella makeup looks for you to try. So, why not get yourself inspired with the looks below and make sure you’re turning heads with your beauty look!

30 Coachella Makeup Inspired Looks To Be The Real Hit

makeup look, natural shades of brown eyeshadows and lipstick, brightening up the look with glitter and gems

For the more natural beauty lovers, don’t be afraid to opt for a makeup look that lets the beauty of your skin shine through. Focus on honest eyeshadows and lip products in natural shades of brown and enliven the look with subtle glitters and gems. When it comes to your lashes, make them look longer and thicker to create a simple yet special Coachella look!

50+ Rhinestone Eye Makeup for Coachella

makeup look, dramatic smokey eye, with rhinestone and lots of glitter

Are you ready to take your Coachella makeup look to the next level? Get inspired with this bold and beautiful look. Achieve a dramatic and smokey eye, then adorn it with crystal rhinestones and lots of glitter to create a truly mesmerising makeup look. And while you’re adorning your eyes, feel free to add a few crystal gems across the bridge of your nose and cheeks, who said you can’t standout?

MAKEUP on Twitter: “Coachella makeup look”

makeup look, glossy turquoise lips and blue butterflies in the inner corner

Looking for a look with a special and unique touch? Then don’t miss out on this tweet. Featuring glossy turquoise lips and blue butterflies in the inner corner, this is a makeup look that will have you standing out of the crowd. Plus, with neutral eyeshadows and light contours, this look is perfect for both day or night occasions. And, if you want to add an extra touch of sparkle, grab some glitter shadows and shine away the night!

50+ Rhinestone Eye Makeup for Coachella
30 Coachella Makeup Inspired Looks To Be The Real Hit | Coachella
MAKEUP on Twitter: "Coachella makeup look