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Are you new to makeup and want to learn the basics of contouring for a natural yet stunning look? Contouring can be intimidating, but once you practice and learn the basics you will find it a fun and creative activity. Here we look at the basics you need to know and the best tips to get you the contour results you have been looking for. Silhouette of a woman with perfectly contoured face

Know Your Face Shape and Features

The key to contouring your beloved face is to know the shape and features of your face. You need to know your face shape, location of your most prominent features, and where to highlight and contour for contrast. Makeup artist Stephanie Lange describes how to recognize the six most common face shapes: round, heart, long, oval, square and diamond.

Choose The Right Contouring Tools

Once you know your face shape you can go ahead and choose the right tools for contouring. It’s important to remember that the idea is to enhance your natural beauty and any form of makeup should make you look good. To help make contouring easier, there are a variety of tools to choose from- make up brushes, sponges, and a variety of creams, gels and powders.  Woman holding up a palette of cosmetics

Find the Right Shade for You

It is essential to use the correct shade of makeup when contouring. Achieving a naturally sculpted look is all about finding the right shade of makeup that complements your natural skin colour. If you you have fair to light skin, use shades that are one to two shades darker than your natural skin colour. For medium to dark skin, use a foundation or contour shade that is three to four shades darker.

Apply the Right Amount of Contour

The common mistake many people make when first starting to contour their face is to use too much product. The amount of contour to use depends on the look you are trying to achieve. To look natural, apply a small amount of product and build up as needed. Remember to blend, blend and blend some more to get the best result. Closeup of a woman's face with carefully applied makeupHighlight and Contour Correctly

To get a beautiful contour, you first need to know where to apply your highlight and contour shades. Here are a few tips on the most popular contouring techniques and areas to apply makeup. To create a naturally sculpted nose, highlight the bridge and tip and contour the sides of the nose. To create a sculpted jawline, contour all along the jawline and chin, and lightly highlight the middle of your chin. To contour your forehead, apply products along the hairline and temples, and to contour cheeks, apply along the hollows of the cheeks and the jawline.

Seal Your Work

The last step when learning how to contour is to seal your work with a setting spray or powder. To lock in the look, spray or dust a layer of setting product on the finished makeup with a fluffy brush. This will help the makeup last longer and give you the beautiful look you want.

Contouring is not as difficult as it seems. With practice and the help of these tips, you can master the basics to take your from beginner to pro.

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