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There’s nothing more satisfying (or easier) than being able to totally transform your look in minutes with makeup by using contouring and highlighting. With a few simple contour shades and a good highlighter, you can have cheekbones that look sculpted, a brow bone that looks naturally lifted, a face that looks longer, and more. Just imagine— you can have the look of a photoshopped magazine cover IRL just with a few products and these top makeup tricks!

Amazing transformation!

Woman with contoured and highlighted makeup

This woman’s amazing transformation with contouring and highlighting makeup is truly incredible. You can see how her cheekbones pop and how her eyes are sharpened and illuminated. There’s no denying how powerful makeup can be to give you a dramatic new look!

Perfect contour highlight makeup tutorial for beginners

Showing diagram of where to apply contour and highlight makeup

This diagram is great for beginners to help them get started. Just by looking at it, we can the locations for where to apply contour and highlight makeup. A few simple steps and you too can have a dramatic and sculpted look!

Makeup spray with contouring and highlighting

Woman with contour and highlighted face and neck using a makeup spray

This image shows how to properly highlight and contour your face and neck with a makeup spray. We can also see an example of how stunning a difference using a spray can make. This image also shows how to effortlessly blend the makeup so that it looks natural and sun-kissed.

After seeing all of these examples of stunning contouring and highlighting looks, it’s no wonder that this makeup technique is becoming increasingly popular with everyone from makeup junkies to those who are just starting out. Anyone can now easily master the popular blended look and experiment with makeup to transform their faces in minutes!

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