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The classic mohawk is arguably the most popular among haircuts for black men. This bold and daring style, which features shaved sides and a specimen atop the head, can be seen on everybody from punk rockers to basketball stars. For the edgy and fashion-savvy, the mohawk is the clear go-to cut. With that said, there are plenty of variations on the traditional mohawk that update and refine the classic look. From frohawks to Fauxhawks with afros, there have never been more creative ways to add personality and style to one’s hair.

The Frohawk

Man with a short, frohawk style mohawk haircut

The Frohawk is a popular variation on the traditional mohawk. This daring and stylish look features the classic shaved sides, but instead of straight strands of hair on top, this cut keeps the curls and creates a fuller look. Instead of being slicked down to an intimidating point, the Frohawk allows curly-haired men to maintain their texture and add an extra layer of flair. This bold style statement is ideal for days when you feel like making a strong impression.

The Fauxhawk

Man with Fauxhawk style mohawk haircut

The Fauxhawk is a softer variation of the traditional mohawk. Unlike the shaving necessary for a real mohawk, this variant allows for an easier transition and more hair to work with when styling. This look is ideal for men who want to provide the attention grab of a mohawk, but with a more subtle approach. Depending on the precise style and amount of spikes, you can choose a more playful or serious look.


Woman with afrohawk hairstyle

The Afrohawk is a bold combination of two iconic looks, the mohawk and the afro. This style shows its versatility by working best with medium-length hair, which falls between the typical heights of an afro and a mohawk. This statement look is sure to turn heads and attract attention. It works especially well with afros that rise to the level of a classic mohawk. Depending on the length, the afrohawk can be tailored to any specific image. For those who want to combine classic style and individuality, this is the perfect look.

There are endless ways to tailor the traditional mohawk for Black Men looking for unique ways to express themselves. From full curly Frohawks to medium length Afrohawks, there are styles to suit any personality. For those who want the sharp and individualistic vibes of a mohawk without sacrificing the fullness of their mane, these mohawk variations are perfect.

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