Copper Bob Hairstyle

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Red is an energizing color and is sure to give your hairstyle a spunky look. If you’re looking to upgrade your hairstyle, why not consider joining the ‘copper bob’ trend? With this style, you get the perfect mix of coolness and warmth that is both eye-catching and flattering.

How to Style a Copper Bob

When styling a copper bob, keep in mind you are aiming for a two-tone color palette with your red hair. This is achieved by highlighting a base color with a shade or two that is slightly lighter than your base color. Think mahogany red fading into copper blonde. A copper bob stands out thanks to its brightness and also its ability to add an uplifting atmosphere.

Photo of a woman with shoulder length, wavy, red hair.

To give your copper bob the perfect wave, begin by prepping your hair with a thermal protection serum before styling. Use a medium-barrel curling iron and alternate the direction of each curl to help create a choppy texture. Once you have curled your hair, tousle it with your fingers to break up any hard lines you may have created.

Red Bob Hair with an Edge

Often, red hair lacks the dimension and excitement we desire in our hairstyles. With a copper bob, you get the depth and the character you are looking for. This look gives off an effortless rocker-chic vibe and works best with shorter bobs or lobs. While this style may look effortless, remember to always use high-quality products specialized for colored hair.

Breaking out of the typical red color and into copper tones will give your hair a unique character, and show off your personality. A copper bob can be a great addition to your hairstyle, whether for a day at work or for a night on the town. With the right products and styling tools, you can have the perfect copper bob in no time.

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