Corpse Bride Makeup

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Lively and creative makeups can offer the perfect combination of chic, fun and fantastic! Corpse Bride makeup in particular is a standout – beautiful and intense in equal measures.

Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial – YouTube

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This YouTube tutorial gives you step by step instructions on how to recreate this look. The video goes through the materials needed, the eye and lip makeup, hair and accessory inspiration, and even the clothing to wear! The video itself is fun, engaging and interactive – so you never feel like you’re stuck while recreating the look.

Jill as “The Corpse Bride” | Halloween makeup inspiration, Cool

Image of a woman wearing corpse bride makeup with a black veil over her face

When you think of Corpse Bride, you usually think of pale white skin and dark eyes, but the look can be taken to even more extremes. Jill pulls out the full beauty of this makeup look with a bright white face and dark, smoky eyes beneath a black veil. It’s scary, alluring and original, perfect for a Halloween costume.

Scary Halloween Makeup: Corpse Bride | Tulip Color

Image of a woman wearing corpse bride makeup, white foundation and dark eye makeup

This dramatic look combines both white and black, a classic combination when it comes to corpse bride makeup. White foundation offers an even skin tone, while black eyes and lips give a bold and artistic touch. This is a look that can worn either day or night, perfect for Halloween parties or casual outings.

No matter which direction you take your Corpse Bride makeup in, the outcome is always enchanting and beautiful. Try out the different looks and find the one that appeals to you the most – and don’t forget to have fun!

Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial - YouTube
Jill as "The Corpse Bride" | Halloween makeup inspiration, Cool
Scary Halloween Makeup: Corpse Bride | Tulip Color