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High fashion is always in style, and there is no better representation of the highest levels of haute couture than on the Paris runways and magazine covers. Today, couture makeup is considered an art and a craft, and with many models and makeup artists involved, the possibilities are nearly endless. Let’s explore how some of the most stunning couture makeup looks were created.

Paris Fashion Week – Haute Couture Makeup

A model with pink lips, blue eyeshadow and a gold tiara.

This editorial shot for Paris Fashion Week captured the glamour of modern couture makeup. The model’s lips look incredibly bold and shiny, and the intense blue eyeshadow gives her a striking look. But it’s the headpiece that really pulls the look together – the gold tiara adds an extra bit of royalty to an already luxurious makeup look.

Pretty Makeup Looks at Fall 2014 Couture Shows

A model with shimmery bronze eyeshadow and brown lipstick.

Fall 2014 couture shows demonstrated that makeup need not be bold and daring to stand out. This look features a light bronze eyeshadow to emphasize the model’s eyes, along with brown lipstick that is subtle but makes her lips stand out. The shimmery accents and light dusting of blush emphasize the model’s natural beauty.

Couture Makeup

A model with dark smoky eyes and a nude glossy lip.

The dark smoky eyes and nude glossy lip cosmetics of this model provide a stunning contrast. The deeper shadows in the crease help to make the eyes appear larger, and the glossy lip makes a dramatic statement. Her pink cheekbones and strong brows tie the entire look together perfectly. This is a great example of how different makeup looks can be combined to create a truly awe-inspiring look.

In recent years, makeup artists have taken haute couture makeup to a different level, creating looks that are tailored to specific models, fashion shows, and even individual pieces. This gives makeup artists the chance to explore their creativity and create unique works of art. It also allows models to create a look that is completely unique to them, allowing them to make a true fashion statement on the runway. Whether it is an editorial-inspired look or something totally unique, couture makeup is the perfect way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.
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