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CoverGirl has been an industry leader in affordable cosmetics since it’s start in 1961. With makeup for any face type, they offer everything a woman needs to look and feel her best. From the tried and true CoverGirl Clean foundation to trendy new mascaras, the CoverGirl Collection is expansive and can be found in drugstores and at most beauty retailers.

Covergirl Cosmetics – USA

Face with cosmetics products for covergirl

If you’re looking to take your makeup up a notch, CoverGirl has you covered. Their broad collection of colors, shades, and finishes provide a variety of options so you can play around with your look. They’ve got more traditional colors like navy and black and more vibrant shades like a fiery red or sparkly purple.

Best CoverGirl Products

Top makeup products from CoverGirl

CoverGirl’s mascaras are popular favorites: the LashBlast Volume Mascara is raved about for it’s voluminous look, while the LashBlast Length Mascara is the perfect splurge for those looking for a bit more drama. You can find coverGirl mascaras for almost any budget and mascara novices may want to start with the Hypnotic Effects Waterproof Mascara which is easy to work with.

CoverGirl Clean Liquid Makeup for Normal Skin

CoverGirl's Clean Liquid Makeup for Normal Skin

CoverGirl’s Clean Liquid makeup is a great choice for anyone looking for a budget-friendly and non-irritating foundation. They offer a variety of shades and a lightweight, natural finish. The product is also fairly easy to blend, so you can create the look you’re after without too much fuss.

CoverGirl offers something for everyone, whether you prefer something basic or something more adventurous. With shades and formulas to flatter every face type, there’s sure to be a CoverGirl product out there just right for you.

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