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I’ve been wanting to dress up in a classic cowgirl costume ever since I saw one at the Wild West reenactment last summer! Sure, it involves jeans, a plaid blouse, and a ten gallon hat, but picking out the right makeup to complete the look is the tricky part. If you’re going to be a classic country Cowgirl this Halloween, you’ll need to make sure your makeup is just right. Here are a few ideas to inspire your look.

Cowgirl Halloween Costume Ideas

woman in cowgirl costume with hat and boots playing guitar

No matter what type of costume you choose, you’ll want to make sure your makeup looks the part. This classic cowgirl costume perfectly blends the traditional look with modern style. It features a stylish hat, leather boots, and a guitar for an epic finishing touch.

Cowgirl’s Guide To Ranch-Ready Makeup

woman in cowgirl hat with natural make-up

This look is all about achieving a natural, rustic vibe. Bronzed cheeks, pale pink lips, and subtle smoky eye make up the basics of this quick and simple look. Soft curls or a messy top knot are the perfect crowning touch. This is the perfect makeup look to accompany a classic cowboy outfit or modernized outfit, like jeans and a romantic blouse.

Country Cowgirl Halloween Makeup Tutorial by Mirella

woman in cowgirl hat with smoky eye make-up

If you’re up for creating something a bit more dramatic, this glam Country Cowgirl look from Mirella might be the one for you. She’s put together a full tutorial on YouTube, featuring brown and gold smoky eye, peach-pink cheeks, and gloss for a bit of shine. The product list is easily accessible, so you can recreate this bold look no matter where you’re at!

Whether you’re dressing up as a classic or modern cowgirl, the right makeup look can make or break the entire effect. I hope these ideas will help you complete the perfect cowgirl costume this Halloween. Don’t forget to practice taking off your makeup afterwards, so you can start planning for next year soon after!

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