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When it comes to speaking about make up, it often evokes creativity, colour and self-expression. That’s why no look is ever the same. One day a make up fan can rock an everyday look, the next an incredible piece of art on their face. What we’re talking about is crazy makeup.

Crazy makeup is an absolute art form and one which many beauty junkies adore. It takes a lot of courage, skill and dedication to create one of these looks. From bold eye shadow to glittery cheeks and art deco lips. It’s not just the ladies getting in on the crazy makeup fun, boys are getting their chance too.

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Crazy makeup looks

This fantastic look is incredibly bold and makes a statement. The eyes, which are the centre of attention, are adorned with blue and pink eye shadow and crowned with a subtle brow bone highlight. The beautiful full lips and forehead diamond just add the finishing touches.

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Crazy makeup artist

This striking look comes second-to-none. A swirl of yellow and pink dons the eyes and the forehead. And the eyebrows are just as eye-catching, with an incredible tinted brown colour. The beauty junkie pulls it off with a nude lip, which is balanced out with the complext colours around her eyes.

Crazy Eye Makeup – Gallery | eBaum’s World

Crazy eye makeup

This look combines two contrasting colours to create an incredibly bold combination. The blue eyeliner contrasts with the green eye shadow to create an inspired and playful piece of art. And the lip colour is also a statement, with a bright pink hue.

Crazy makeup isn’t just limited to the beauty junkie. Makeup artists and enthusiasts alike are always trying to create something new and interesting. Ideas are only limited by the imagination. With fantastic colours, daring artistry and attention to details – anything is possible.

If you’re a makeup fan, we encourage you to try something crazy. Get your creative juices flowing and have some fun with it. Some of the looks may not be considered wearable, but who cares. You should go forth and paint your artistic masterpiece on your face.

Pin on My Crazy Makeup Looks
Crazy Eye Makeup - Gallery | eBaum's World
17 Best images about Crazy Makeup on Pinterest | Makeup artists, Eyes