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Decorating your nails can be a fun way to express your individual style and creativity. While there are limitless possibilities when it comes to nail design, one classic and eye-catching look is a cross nail design. This eye-catching look can be achieved by creating a cross with nail art or by adorning your nails with charms or stickers of crosses. With a few simple supplies, you can have amazing cross-patterned nails in no time.

Notched Cross

photo of nail design with a black french tip topped with gold crosses and two intertwined gold designs

For a unique twist, use a notched cross design. To achieve this look, begin with either a nude, pink, or silver nail polish before outlining a cross with tape. Another layer of color can be applied to the tips of the nails in a fashion that appears to be jagged. Once the color has dried, carefully take off the tape and you are left with a notched cross design! To take the look to the next level, apply a colorful or sparkly topcoat.

Intertwined Nail Art

photo of a nude base color with a black french tip and gold strips intertwined to form a cross

If you are looking to dazzle your nails with a more intricate design, try intertwining thin strips of tape to create a cross. Begin with a nude base color, followed by either a white or a silver color in the middle of the nail. Create an edgy look by applying tape to the tips of the nails, followed by a thin strip of black polish. Carefully apply strips of tape in a cross pattern, making sure to lightly press the tape onto the nail to keep the shape in tact and then carefully paint the nail with a shimmery gold or silver polish. Once everything has dried and the tape has been removed, you will have an elegant and fashionable intertwined cross design!

Blinged Out Crosses

photo of black french tipped nails with gold charms of crosses

For a glamorous look, try blinged-out crosses. Start with a nude or black base and add thin strips of tape to the nail tips. Add two shade of glitter polish, such as pink and silver, to the tips of the nails for a subtle sparkle. Once everything is dry, gently peel off the tape, taking care not to damage the design. To make the look truly glamorous, add tiny golden charms of crosses or gold studs to the tips of the nails.

Cross nail designs are stunning and can be easily achieved with a few simple supplies. Try one of these eye-catching designs for your next night out and be sure to get compliments all night long.

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