Curly Bob Weave Hairstyle

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Whether an old-fashioned bob cut style or a modern iteration, a curly weave style is a great choice for short hair. Not only is it a fun and trendy way to show off your curls, but it also offers a lightweight and secure way to protect your strands. From tight ringlets to loose spirals we’ve gathered 15 of the most stylish curly weave hairstyles around.

1. Curly Bob Cut

A woman with a shoulder-length bob cut, featuring tight to loose curls that cascade down her back.

This classic bob cut rendition is a great way to show off your natural curls. The tight ringlets make a fun style statement while the length gives the hair structure. Add a few layers to enhance the cut and curl definition.

2. Short Curly Mohawk

A woman with a short mohawk. The hair on top is cut short, whilst the sides are faded.

Channel your inner rock star with a curly mohawk. Let your tighter ringlets shine on top while you shave the back and sides. To get that extra dimension, trim the sides to a fade and keep the mohawk volume neat.

3. High Ponytail

A woman with a curly high ponytail. The hair on the sides is slicked back, while the ponytail is cut long and voluminous.

Slick everything back and secure a voluminous high ponytail. The key here is making sure to have lots of body on the tail. If you have high shrinkage, use styling products to set the style and keep it going for days.

4. Short Curly Side Bangs

A woman showcasing super short curly weave hairstyle, with one side featuring a long side angle fringe.

This hairstyle is a fantastic way to mix up any look. Curly side bangs allow you to frame your face without compromising your ‘do. Keep that extra length in the bangs with regular trims, and pin back if necessary.

5. Side Parted Curls

A woman with shoulder-length curly hair styled in a side comb-over, with the longer length cascading to one side.

This style is perfect for those who want to bring more attention to the eyes and face. Asymmetry adds character, and with this look all you have to do is part your hair to one side and flaunt those beautiful ringlets. Choose your length and texture depending on your preference.

6. Curly Pixie Cut

A woman with a short black pixie cut. The hair is cut short on the sides but the top is left longer, giving it a layered look.

This pixie cut is perfect for those cooler days and nights when you’re looking for something warm and snug. The layered length makes for a fun and flirty hairstyle, especially when curls are thrown into the mix. If you don’t want too much length, have the stylist trim a few inches off the top.

7. Curly Half Up Half Down

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