Curly Eyebrow Hairs

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Having naturally curly hair can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it adds flair to your look and makes you stand out from the crowd; on the other hand, it can sometimes be difficult to keep your hair looking neat and tidy. The same applies to your eyebrows—while some curls around your brows can look great, overly-curly or unruly hairs can bring down your overall look. Fortunately, there are options to straighten your eyebrow hairs and give yourself a more polished appearance.

Brushing Out the Curls

You may be able to tame your curls with a bit of brushing and moisturizing. Use an eyebrow brush with wide and firm bristles twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. This will help push the hairs in the same direction to create a more natural look.

You can also use a moisturizer like castor oil with a handy spoolie brush. Castor oil helps condition your eyebrow hairs and keep them from falling out. Applying some of this oil every night before bed can help keep your brows looking neat and tame.

Using a Hair Straightener

Another option for taming those curly brows is a straightening iron. Make sure the temperature is set to the lowest setting so it won’t damage your delicate eyebrow hairs. Once it’s warmed up, make sure your eyebrows are free of oil or moisturizer so the hot iron takes hold. Begin from the inner corner of your brow and move the iron in an outward direction while pulling the hairs downwards. Moving slowly in this manner will allow the heat to set your hairs in a straight position without burning them.

Stick With It

Any of your eyebrow straightening methods might take some time to take effect. Your hairs may attempt to curl or wave back up as they get used to their new shape. Don’t give in too easily, as you may need to keep brushing and straightening for several days in order to get the desired effect.

It’s a good idea to maintain a strict eyebrow grooming pattern. Taking the time to brush and style, as well as applying a moisturizer, can help to keep your eyebrows in a straightened position. Doing all this every night before bed can also prevent them from becoming too messy during the day.

Don’t Overdo It

When it comes to straightening your eyebrows, it’s important to be gentle and keep track of the effects it has on your hairs. Make sure you don’t brush them too aggressively and reduce the frequency of your straightening sessions. It’s also important to never go beyond the lowest setting on your iron. Overdoing it can damage your hair and make them prone to breakage.

With the right care and careful styling, you can tame those curly eyebrows and keep them looking neat and healthy. You can also pick up a good eyebrow brush, moisturizer, and straightening iron to use in your grooming routine. With a little practice, you’ll get the hang of it and create a style you love.

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