Curly Hairstyle On Saree

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Long, glamorous curls accent the saree beautifully. Wearing your tresses in curls not only looks stunning. but it’s also quite comfortable and effortless. So, if you are wearing a saree for any special occasion, then consider going for this curled hairstyle. It will add charm to your saree look.

Preparing the Curls

Preparing the curls before styling your hair is very important to get the perfect look. To get beautiful, tight curls, you will need a curling iron with a ¾-inch or 1-inch barrel. Start by dampening your hair if they are dry, and then apply curl-defining cream. Divide your hair into sections and then start curling them one by one. Start from the top, roll your locks around the barrel and hold it for 10-15 seconds. Then unravel to get perfect curls. Make sure to apply light serum before you go for the final look.


Beautifully curled hairstyle

Take thin sections of curls and use a rounded brush to make them smooth. This will add volume to your hair and will make the curls last longer. Remember, the thickness of the sections is important, as it will decide how tight and the bounce in the curls will be. For a more flawless look, use a blow dryer to set the style.

Leaving Curls at the Bottom

Most people prefer leaving the curls at the bottom. This will keep the look low-maintenance and relaxed. To do this, curl the top and sweep it away from your face and clip them at the back. Part your hair in the middle and for a wavier look, take small sections of the bottom and twist them. Secure them with bobby pins.

Doing an Up-Do

If you want to go for an up-do, then first use your fingers to loosen the curls. Start from the top and gather your entire hair to make a half-updo and secure them with bobby pins. Make sure that the knots and curls are secured properly.

This curled hairstyle looks perfect when worn with a saree. This hairstyle is easy to do, but it looks elegant, and effortless and is sure to turn heads. If your saree is heavily embroidered or has intricate detailing, then this hairstyle will complete the look. To top it off, you can add some fresh flowers to the up-do for a more vintage look.

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