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Do you want your curls to be absolutely ravishing? Natural curls are fun and glamorous, but sometimes you are looking for a way to make your curly hair look even better! Fortunately, there are plenty of fantastic styles that you can use to bring life and vibrancy to your natural curls. Updos can look overpowering with too many ringlets that are left loose, thus you have to tame them and make them look polished.

The Curly Bun

Elegant curly bun hairstyle

Turning your curls into an elegant bun is an effortless way to style your natural curls. This particular style centers the curls in the middle, with subtle curls grazing the face. It looks pretty, but still modern and flattering. The edges are slightly slicked back, so the style has a polished edge. This is an upstyle that you can do right away, and is guaranteed to turn heads.

The Braided Updo

Braided updo with natural curls

This gorgeous hairstyle combines a chic, classic updo with dramatic curls. Long curls are gathered or woven into a unique, beautiful pattern. It doesn’t matter if your curls are coiled or have a loose sheen – this updo will look amazing. The hair looks soft and voluminous, while the curls give the illusion of texture and volume. If you want an updo that makes you look sophisticated, but modern, try this hairstyle.

The Middle Part Updo

Middle part updo with natural curls

Making a bold statement with just a few curls may sound impossible, but this updo proves it can be done. All the curls are gathered to one side, and the center of the hair is styled to look chic and modern. This technique gives you a beautiful juxtaposition – the long curls on one side, and the short and tidy side-part on the other. The result is a gorgeous updo that is suitable for any occasion.

The Romantic Side-Part

Romantic side-part hairstyle with natural curls

The side-part is a classic, romantic updo that is ideal for the evening. One side of the hair is parted, while the other side is clipped up and styled into a bun. The curls that are left on the side of the part create a beautiful wave, with some of the curls framing the face. You can even enrich this updo with some romantic accessories or flowers for an extra touch of elegance.

The Low Messy Bun

Low messy bun hairstyle with natural curls

The messy bun perfectly captures the effortless vibe of natural curls. You don’t need to do much but tuck the curls into a low bun and let them do the talking. It looks pretty, but also is modern and very flattering. The edges are slightly slicked back, giving the bun a polished edge. You can use pins to hold the bun in place and let your curls be more prominent. This style will always look gorgeous!

If you have been looking for ways to style your natural curls, these updos will definitely provide you with some inspiration. From classic to modern, these styles are sure to make you stand out from the crowd and make you feel beautiful. So, go ahead and try one out – you may even want to recreate a few to get the perfect style!

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