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Curly hair can be a great advantage for men when it comes to impressing their date. A good looking hairstyle can show guys’ personalities and make an interesting impression. From classic looks to modern hairstyles, here are fifteen romantic haircuts men with curls can try to impress their date.

The Gentle Wave

The Gentle Wave Hairstyle

The gentle wave is a modern look that is easy to make and manage. With this type of gentlemen-inspired haircut, curls are kept naturally looking around the face and on the sides. To achieve this look, keep the sides longer than the top, and part the hair down the middle.

The Sleek Top

The Sleek Top Hairstyle

This stylish look can make anyone stand out from the crowd. With the sleek top, the crown area is polished and styled to look smooth and flat but kept longer than the rest of the hair. This look will keep the curls tight and bouncy around the face.

The Short Highlighted

The Short Highlighted Hairstyle

This romantic style keeps things short and neat but still allows curls to bounce around the face. The short highlighted look adds extra dimension to the head and helps to show off the beauty of curly hair.This look can be achieved by cutting hair close around the ears and leaving longer locks towards on the crown area.

The Loose Slick Back

The Loose Slick Back Hairstyle

Using a pomade to slick back curly hair can be a great way to impress a date. This romantic look can be achieved by creating a small amount of volume and at the top and then using pomade to slick the hair back loosely. This look can be kept neat and tidy or a more casual and disheveled.

The Quiff Style

The Quiff Style Hairstyle

With this modern romantic look, the quiff style stands out from the side while staying understandable at the back. This look can be achieved by using a wide-tooth comb and brush to form a distinct side parting, and then spiking the top up with a hair wax for a polished look. This look is perfect for any formal occasion.

The Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk Hairstyle

This macho look will help turn any date into an unforgettable one. The faux hawk takes the classic punk look, but softens it up so that it is still suitable for any occasion. This romantic hairstyle is achieved by using a wide-tooth comb to create a center parting and then spiking the top with a
15 Romantic Haircuts Men With Curly Hair Can Try To Impress His Date