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Political powerhouses on both sides of the aisle often come together in the United States Senate. It takes both parties coming together to pass legislation, ratify treaties, and confirm cabinet and judicial appointments. Every two years it is the role of the American people to elect individuals to serve as the representation in Washington, and the makeup of the Senate can change drastically from one cycle to the next.

Makeup of the New Senate

chart of United States Senate makeup by party

In the 2018 midterm elections, the American voter had the opportunity to vote for Senators from a variety of political backgrounds from both sides of the aisle. 34 seats were contested, with Republicans and Democrats fighting for control of the legislative body.

US Senate Makeup by Party

percentage of United States Senate makeup by party

The races of the 2018 election yielded a now-closely-split Senate makeup. Of the 100 total members, 53 are now Republicans and 47 are Democrats, with 2 independents that caucus with the Democrats.

Senate Recap

Senate breakdown by chamber and party

As the 116th congress progresses, the Senate remains a closely-divided legislative body. With Republicans on the conservative side and Democrats on the more liberal side, there is a chance that sessions on a variety of pieces of legislation and important matters can be contentious. Time will tell how the makeup of the current chamber will affect the path of policy in the United States.

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