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Are you in need of a dreamy vanity? Look no further to achieve your #VanityGoals. Customizing your own vanity space is an extremely popular interior design trend in 2020. Whether you’re revamping an old vanity table or creating an entirely new one, having a vanity setup that is perfectly customized for your lifestyle and taste will become an amazing addition to your home.

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A custom vanity table with white drawers and gold hardware and a big round mirror above it

This gorgeous custom white vanity table is a stunning example of modern elegance in a vanity setup. The drawers with gold hardware are perfect not just for storage, but also as a decorative element that adds to the overall aesthetic.

Vanity Table and Custom Makeup Tables

A long white vanity table with a sink and a big mirror above it

This beautiful white vanity table is custom-made just for makeup application. The stylish mirror is a perfect addition to this vanity, providing an excellent reflection while giving a luxurious feel. The single sink gives the vanity ample space to store all the necessary makeup tools and products.

Vanity Goals by Ashley Diann Designs

A white and grey modern vanity table with drawers and a big round mirror

The ultimate vanity goals. This chic white and grey vanity table is the perfect addition for modern and contemporary homes. The crisp white drawers and grey countertop will elevate your vanity space from basic to lovely. The large round mirror is the perfect spot for some of your favorite plants or any other décor element you love.

Having a vanity table is an amazing accompaniment both for everyday makeup routines and as an elegant addition to your home. Customizing your own vanity may be a daunting task, but with some inspiration and creativity, you can end up with a vanity space that is perfect for you and your lifestyle.

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Vanity Goals — Ashley Diann Designs
Vanity Table and Custom Makeup Tables