Cute Dyed Hairstyles

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If you have ever considered experimenting with your hair colour, you have come to the right place! Dyed hair has been extremely popular lately and the most daring have already put it into practice. If you are still having second thoughts and not sure to make such a drastic change in your look, gather ideas from this selection of 32 cute dyed hairstyles.

#1 with Light Brown Ombre Balayage Hairstyle

Hair dyed with light brown balayage

Be daring and go for this two-in-one hair colouring technique. An ombre effect fading out at the end gives the extra touch to the soft brown tone. This is a very natural look that works particularly well in medium length hair. Enjoy the natural texture of the hair still being noticed but subdued by the colour variation throughout the hair.

#2 with Pink Toned Blonde Hair

Hair dyed with pink toned blonde ombre balayage

This is a very cool colour combination that gives a beautiful effect when combined with a classic ombre technique. The hair is toned up with a soft, natural pink tint and it blends nicely with the blonde ombre effect in the tips. A definite look turner! It’s the perfect look for a daring person who wants to make a statement but stay within classic and elegant styles.

#3 with Lilac Ombre Hair

Hair dyed with lilac ombre balayage

This look is dedicated to the fair-skinned ladies out there who want to prove they are daring enough to wear bright colours. The beautiful lilac tint blends perfectly with the sandy coloured base. It’s a great way of giving you a new look that is still subtle and will turn heads. Make sure to refresh the colour regularly so it looks good as new.

#4 with Auburn Hair and Blonde Balayage

Hair dyed with auburn hair and blonde balayage

A twist to the classic blonde balayage look. This time, a beautiful auburn tone has been added to the original hair colour. It brings a nice variation to the dark tones with a subtle change that is immediately detected the moment light falls into the hair. Get the look by taking this picture to your stylist and enjoy a special occasion with your new look.

#5 with Icy Blonde Hair

Hair dyed with icy blonde balayage

This icy blonde look is sure to turn heads and make for a great choice for the daring blonde. The natural balayage technique gives it a nice finish and the mixture of colours from ebony to platinum blonde gives a modern touch to this look. Finish it off with natural waves and get ready to amaze everyone with your new look.

#6 with Pink and Gold Ombré Hair

Hair dyed with pink and gold ombre balayage

A mix of pink and gold gives a beautiful result and if you add some waves, the impact is even bigger. A great choice if you want to stand out but keep it subtle. The waves give it several dimensions and the two tones give it a nice shining and elegant look. Definitely something to try out!

#7 with Purple Hair with Ombre Effect

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