Cute Haircuts Round Face

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A round face shape doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt the perfect hairstyle. Whether you’ve got already long locks or you’re considering a chop, you don’t have to reinvent yourself to look stunning. A lot of short and long hairstyles can look great with a round face, especially these49 Awesome Haircuts Ideas For Round Face!

Soft Waves

Picture of a beautiful woman with long brown hair, which has been curled into soft waves

Soft waves are the perfect way to make your round face look longer. Layered haircuts can also help with this, as longer lengths offset a round face. However, you don’t need to be that drastic – subtle curls can do the trick, while still adding volume and shape. You’ll be left with a beautiful, flowing hairstyle that frames your face perfectly.

Bangs and a Ponytail

picture of a woman with long, light brown hair wearing bangs and a ponytail

Bang on trend, this combination of bangs and a ponytail is the perfect way to frame a round face. Bangs serve multiple purposes – they can be used in a variety of ways, from the heavily layered bangs of the 70s to the ’90s short trims. While they can be used to camouflage a wide forehead, they also serve to draw attention to the eyes.

Short Fringe

picture of a woman with chin-length dark brown hair, wearing a fringe

Another way to add definition to a round face is with a short, straight fringe. Trim it thinly and make sure that it’s not too thick, as the wrong type of fringe can make the face appear even bigger. For the style to have the maximum impact, you must wear the fringe asymmetrically. Just one side should be swept to the side, while the other can be tucked behind the ear.

Fauxhawks and Spikes

picture of a woman with short spiky hair, part of it combed up to form a fauxhawk

If you’re looking for a little adventure, why not try out a fauxhawk or spiked look? These styles are perfect for round faces because they give the illusion of a longer face. Paired with a nice side swept fringe, you’re guaranteed to have a killer look. The fauxhawk style is also great for adding volume to thin hair, without looking too ostentatious.

Uneven Bob

picture of a woman with a chin length bob with one side shorter than the other

Bobs are timeless but this modern take on the traditional bob haircut is the perfect way to spotlight your face. Take a classic bob haircut and make the sides uneven – the longer side should sit just below the chin and the shorter side should be just above it. With this short hairstyle, you won’t need to do too much styling to keep the look chic and timeless.

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