Cute Hairstyle For Medium Hair

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Are you wondering how to keep your hair looking fresh and stylish every single day? With a shoulder length haircut you can look chic, without having to commit to an hours-long styling routine. Gone are the days of struggling to makeup an updo – keep it easy with medium length hairstyles that require minimal effort, yet offer maximum style! Take a look at these 30 Cute Daily Medium Hairstyles 2018, and you’ll be rocking all kinds of lovely looks, from natural-to-straight, and beachy-to-curly – in no time at all.

Rightfully Teased

woman with medium-length brown hair, teased at the crown

It’s a great way to combine sleek and voluminous styles. Try using an elastic band to jazz up an otherwise normal ponytail. Start with a little teasing of your crown to add volume, and secure your hair with a braid tucked underneath the elastic. This hairstyle will take you from the office to a night-on-the-town and is suitable for both special occasions and daily life!

The Fishtail

woman with medium-length hair in an intricate fishtail braid

Fishtail braids are an intricate and stylish twist to the classic braid. To begin this look, simply part your hair down the middle and start an ordinary braid on the right side. As you add sections to the braid, add a piece of hair only to the outside of each section as you go. Then, flip over the braid, and repeat the same process on the left side. This look doesn’t scream “committerment”, but it does say “I live life on the wild side”.

Beachy Waves

woman with wavy shoulder length hair

Waves can give shoulder length styles an easy-breezy look that’s perfect for summer days. Start off by using a deep conditioning mask to hydrate your strands. Then, work a styling product – like a mousse or hair spray – into damp hair and wrap it in a bun before going to sleep. In the morning, simply let it down, ruffle with your fingers and there you have it! Naturally beautiful and tousled beachy waves, without a single bobby pin.

Two Braids

woman with two braids in her hair

Braids are timeless and look ultra-cute, yet remain chic and stylish. For this style, take a section of hair on either side of your head and loosely braid both sections. Then, pull each braid back and secure in the back of your head with a mini hair elastic. This two-braid hairstyle is effortless, and even more so if you have naturally wavy hair. It’s a great way to keep your hair out of your face for those hot days of summertime.

Clamped Up

woman with hair half up in a clip

For a fast and super-cute hairstyle, try the half up-half down look. Start by selecting two sections of hair in the front. Then, pull the two sections orginally up, but clamp your thumb and index
30 Cute Daily Medium Hairstyles 2018 - Easy Shoulder Length Hair Ideas