Cute Hairstyles For Relaxed Hair

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Long and luscious locks, an elixir of self-expression and beauty, black hair is held in reverence. When it comes to the ever-evolving history of African American hairstyles, there’s so much more to discover than the common Afro. Update your look with the following trends and become the trendsetter in your own circles.

Faux Yet Chic Side Swept Accent Braid

Black woman with braided ponytail side swept with several scattered box braids

Take advantage of long tresses and rock a faux side-swept braid. Most of the styling is done off to the side on the heavy side of the hair. Not only will this look freshen up your daily style, but it’s also perfect for special occasions. Simple yet glamorous, this look can be easily achieved with some gel and texture spray.

Low Highlighted Bun

Black woman wearing a low bun with highlights throughout her hair

A great way to jazz up a low bun is with partial natural hair highlights. Whether done by yourself at home or your favorite stylist, this look is sure to turn heads. The highlights are placed strategically throughout the style to bring out and accentuate the colors in the hair. And since the bun is so low on the head, it showcases the grace and femininity of this style.

Renaissance Curls Bob

Black woman wearing a long bob with renaissance-style curls

A difficult hairstyle to master but definitely worth the effort, this bob is timeless and stunning. Creating this Renaissance-style curls can take some time but the results are well worth it. Wear your curls big and beautiful or keep them coiled and pinned up, either way you’ll want to make sure your product game is on point – otherwise you’ll wind up with a frizzy mess.

Spiral Flower Accent

Black woman with short, spiral curls and an accessory flower pinned to the side

Spice up your look with an accent flower pinned towards the side! This look is a great daily style and is the perfect way to add the perfect finishing touch. It’s also a great way to show off your pretty face and is sure to bring out your natural beauty. Whether you wear it in the office or on a night out, this style will sure turn heads and make you feel like the most glamorous gal.

Cornrows To Rock

Black woman wearing her hair in cornrows with a bun at the top

The ever-growing trend of wearing cornrows is still going strong and is the perfect way to spruce up your day-to-day look. You can either go all out with multiple cornrows, or keep it subtle with just a few braids across the front. Opt for colour if you want some extra oomph – adding subtle colour like pastel tones to the braids brings the style to life.

These are just some of the many hairstyles available to African American women. Whether you’re trying out something new, or want to stick to your classic look, there’s always something out there from which you can draw inspiration. Make sure
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