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Looking to switch up your everyday hairstyle and add some spiciness to it? Why not opt for a low ponytail? This charming and classic style is perfect for a casual day out with friends as well as an event-oriented event such as a prom. With variations ranging from voluminous and tousled to sleek and simple, there’s sure to be a low ponytail that catches your eye. And don’t worry — styling a low ponytail is very easy and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Here are 6 low ponytail hairstyles to try out.

Voluminous Low Pony

For a timeless look, go for a voluminous ponytail. Start by parting your hair down the middle, brushing it into two sections. Curl the ends of both sections using a curling iron. Then, use your fingers to comb through the curls and gage how voluminous you want your hairstyle look. Hold the hair together in one hand while you tie a mid-level ponytail with a thin black elastic. Make sure your ponytail isn’t too tight or you will lose some of the volume. The key to this hairstyle is to leave some of the flyaways and make it look like you just rolled out of bed.

Image shows a girl with a voluminous low ponytail hairstyle.

Top off the look with hairspray or wax to hold the flyaways in place. Feel free to exercise a bit of extra creativity by adding hair accessories such as a ribbon or scrunchie.

Tousled Low Pony

For those days when you want to rock a chic yet comfortable hairstyle, try the tousled low pony. Start by placing your hair half up, securing it with either a hair tie or an elastic. Make sure that half of your hair is kept loose. Take the ends of the loose hair and split it into two sections. Now curl the ends of each section using a curling iron. Afterward, slacken the curls and use your fingers to give the hair a tousled feel. Secure the loose ends for the tousled low pony with a thin black elastic. To give the hairstyle an extra bit of texture, add a bit of hairspray.

Image shows a girl with a tousled low ponytail hairstyle.

This look is perfect if you want a cute yet effortless hairstyle. The slots in the middle are also great for adding hairpins, clips or ribbons.

Soft Curves Low Pony

For a look that is both sophisticated and chic, go for the soft curves low pony. Begin by brushing your hair back and, using your fingers, give your hair a smooth and relaxed feel. Create a soft, U-shaped curve in the middle of your hair, and tie the end with a thin black elastic. Now you will want to create two sections within this ponytail. Place two fingers under the elastic and pull the top section of your hair through the old elastic using a new, thin elastic. Then, repeat the process for the lower section. After you have created two sections, you can use a curling iron to add soft curls to the ends of both. This hairstyle works especially well on thick hair.

Image shows a girl with a soft curves low ponytail hairstyle.

To add a bit of sparkle, accessorize with a beautiful hair accessory. If you don’t have a hair accessory, color clips will work equally as well.

High-Contrast Low Pony

Going for a high contrast hairstyle? Try a high-contrast low pony. Start by brushing your hair back and straightening any bangs. Tease the middle portion of your hair and use your fingers to frame the face. Then, brush the sides and the back of your hair and tie them into a
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